Tuesday, October 20, 2015

5 Characteristics of a Great Rehabilitation Specialist

Our very own Erin Madsen - RAD teacher - has found a great article that talks about rehabilitation choices for dancers.  There is some great advice here and we hope that you find it helpful!!!

The article is from 'The Dance Training Project'.

Here is a quick excerpt!  Click the link above to view the whole article!

How to choose a rehabilitative therapist that will actually help you.

I’m writing this from the IADMS conference in Pittsburgh, and I feel fortunate to be able to discuss topics like this with other incredible professionals in the fields of dance medicine and science.
As dance educators and professionals supporting dance wellness it’s important to recognize that we’re not going to be able to absolutely prevent injuries 100% of the time through out work and research, but we’re doing our dang best to minimize damage while optimizing performance.
Considering the (reported) injury rate in dance is between 80 and 100%, be aware that if you are a dancer (or even just dance for fun) you probably will get hurt at some point and you should absolutely know how to choose someone trustworthy to help you through those inevitable periods of injury and pain.

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