Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Ultimate Rehab Program for Dancers

Thank you Miss Dixie for finding this great article with a video to help deal with rehabilitation from injury!  We, as dancers, struggle occasionally with injuries.  It is very important to address injury right away and treat it appropriately.  Doctors and physiotherapists are very important to the process of diagnosis and prognosis.  It is very important that dancers are given exercises to work on from their rehabilitation practitioner - ones that focus on building strength and avoiding re-injury in the future.  Also, clear guidelines on what activity can still be done - how classes can be modified for the dancers are very important.

This article and video focuses on foot injuries, but can also be taken beyond that to apply to other injuries as well.  Thank you Miss Dixie!  Click here to see more about 'The Ultimate Rehab Program for Dancers'

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