Monday, January 25, 2016

How to Prepare for Your Ballet Exams

Miss Carmelle McKinlay, teacher at Vimy Dance, thought that this article would be of great help for all of you who have RAD exams coming up in the next month or so!  It also applies to upcoming tap exams, Jr., Ballet Progressions, and Cecchetti exams too!  Good luck with your preparations and your exams!  Ballet Blab - a blog for ballet teachers and dancers has many other great articles you might like to read!

How to Prepare for Your Ballet Exam

Dancer: Emily Whittome Photo: Alexis McKeown Photography
Dancer: Emily Whittome
Photo: Alexis McKeown Photography

I remember my first ballet exam. I ran into the studio, started PliĆ©s and my legs where shaking so much from nerves I was sure I’d fail. The nerves finally calmed down and I did fine on my exam in the end. Since becoming a teacher, I’ve put my own students through for their yearly ballet examinations for over two decades now and over time, have discovered a few practical steps that I hope will help you perform your best on exam day.  Exams should be an exciting and satisfying (not terrifying) experience if you’re fully prepared for the level of exam you are taking.  The feedback you receive from your Examiner helps you discover your personal strengths and weaknesses within your dancing.  

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