Friday, June 2, 2017

Essence of Dance - Kudos

I was asked by the director and owner of the Edmonton School of Ballet to post this message from her regarding the recent Essence of Dance performance on Sunday, May 28, 2017.

I was so pleased to have attended the performance of "Essence of Dance" by the Edmonton Contemporary Dancers with their guests The Edmonton Festival Ballet, the Edmonton School of Ballet Junior Company, and Viva Dance.  I was very impressed by all of the groups.  The dancers are so capable of dancing a great diversity of styles with strong technique and wonderful performance commitment.  The senior companies each danced several pieces with an incredibly wide rang of choreography.  It was also exciting to see that the majority of the outstanding choreography was by for ESB/Vimy students.

Overall, it was a performance of the the hightest standard and one could easily forget hat the dancers were so young, as they were such professional and prodicient dancers.  Bravo to the company directors:  Tina Covlin-Dewart, Jayme Tchir, Nancy Hamilton, Terra Mahood and Devin McFarlane.

Thank you for an inspiring afternoon.

Margaret Flynn

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